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Timber24 is South Africa’s largest and one of the most
respected timber logistics companies, providing short haul, loading, transport and unloading services to the forestry industry.

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Keeping the wheels turning.

Investing in people, managing risk.

Our Drivers

All Timber24 drivers complete our unique Professional Driver Induction and Training Program, giving management the opportunity to formulate and analyse each driver's risk profile and driving pattern. Through this process, weaknesses are identified and corrected before the driver takes to the road. It also ensures that all drivers are familiar with Timber24's procedures, documentation and customer expectations.

Through vehicle tracking and on-board computer analysis, drivers are constantly monitored and analysed according to their productivity and driving patterns. Our operations department is assisted through the outsourcing of our risk management and driver analysis to contracted specialists. This process ensures that our drivers receive the best in corrective training methods.

Our Drivers

Our shift controllers and fleet trackers monitor the fleet from our Head Office Control Centre. This assists our drivers in delivering goods on time, with no exceptions.

All vehicles are fitted with real-time satellite tracking and on-board computers. This equipment enables our Fleet Trackers to apply effective route controlling techniques that maximise vehicle productivity and utilisation. The Control Centre team, state-of-the-art fleet technology and world-class operational processes enable Timber24 to provide a profitable yet cost effective solution to all of our customers.


Timber24 operates a specialised Mercedes-Benz accredited workshop with qualified diesel technicians carrying out all of the service and maintenance requirements of our fleet.


Timber24's head office is in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal with depots in Highflats, Weza, Mandini and Kokstad.


General & specialist

Loading, Unloading & Materials Handling

All our trucks are loaded by our own dedicated loading equipment. Truck mounted John Deere cranes are among the quickest loading machines in the world. These cranes can neatly and safely load trucks in under 15 minutes with little disturbance to the depot surface. Bell three-wheelers, excavators and payloaders are also used for loading, unloading and to handle logs at mill yards and depots.

Supply Chain Solutions

Timber24 has positioned itself as a fourth-party logistics company. We act as a lead logistics provider, delivering a comprehensive, re-engineered supply chain solution. By utilising our own resources and technology, and combining these with the services of sub-contracted suppliers, we are able to manage, integrate and provide a comprehensive supply chain solution to our customers.

Our ability to adapt our infrastructure gives us the flexibility to work with the specific requirements of our customers.

Timber Transport

Our fleet of 75 timber trucks operates throughout KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape. The fleet consists of rigid drawbar combinations, carrying 39 ton payloads of all tree species and lengths from 2.4 to 6.6 meters. The fleet also has specialized tri-axle and rigid-tug units that can get closer to the stump, reducing short haul distances.

Short Haul

Dedicated 6×6 Volvo ADTs with cranes are used to extract timber to landings that are accessible to normal trucks.

Driving Technology.

Technology plays a leading role in Timber24’s operations, providing real-time, bottom line benefits to our customers and suppliers, and positioning us as one of the most innovative companies in the logistics industry. At the heart of our innovation is our enterprise software platform, MAX (logistics Management and execution).



MAX provides a real-time, 24/7, Internet-based operating platform and database for Timber24 and our customers. It automates our entire operation, from customer needs analysis and fleet management through to back office and reporting. MAX has been designed around innovative transport and logistics processes, using the latest in vehicle planning and routing techniques to ensure the fleet runs with optimal efficiency. MAX incorporates real-time satellite tracking data into the planning and routing function, ensuring customers have visibility on load status with actual and anticipated pickup and delivery times.


MAX is able to automatically communicate with customers in a variety of ways, based on specific customer needs and preferences. Real-time notifications are becoming increasingly important to our customers, and MAX is able to achieve this via SMS, fax, email or secure web interface. These notifications can be limited to exception reports, or can be used to provide ongoing real-time status reports. For example, customers may wish to be automatically alerted when a truck is 30 minutes away from a loading point or request that their customers be automatically notified of expected delivery arrival times. This automated push or pull flow of data is achieved by analysing each customer’s specific needs and setting up the required processes within MAX.

Customer Internet Portal

Timber24 customers are able to login to a secure MAX customer portal in order to track and manage their loads. They’re able to place new orders, view account information, and search for and print archived documentation associated with completed loads, including invoices, statements, P.O.D.’s, waybills and pallet documentation.

On-Board Weighting Systems

All our vehicles are fitted with on-board weighting systems that allow our drivers to optimize payloads without overloading. Timber24 is RTMS (Road Traffic Management System) accredited as a result of our commitment to eliminating overloading.


Back Office Integration

MAX integrates seamlessly with our enterprise accounting system, ensuring accurate and real-time customer credit information and invoicing. MAX also supports open IT standards such as XML, making it possible for MAX to interact directly with customers’ ERP systems. This enables real-time order placement, delivery requirement analysis, optimal fleet allocation and vehicle routing.


Timber24 pioneered Performance-Based Systems (PBS) in the local timber industry as far back as 2007. Now game-changing innovations are improving on old designs, resulting in savings of up to 15% on the delivery cost for our clients. Shortening the trailer without sacrificing payload or safety, and equipping PBS vehicles to carry higher payloads per trip, thereby requiring fewer trips, can lead to significant annual savings for all stakeholders.